Substantiation of the Technology of Mechanized Clear-Cutting of Reservoir Beds and Equipment Arrangement for Its Implementation

Substantiation of the Technology of Mechanized Clear-Cutting of Reservoir Beds and Equipment Arrangement for Its Implementation


  • Journal title: Lesnoy Zhurnal (Russian Forestry Journal)
  • ISSN: 0536-1036 (print)
  • Publisher: Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V.Lomonosov
  • Country of publisher: russian federation
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  • LCC Subject Category: Forestry, Technology
  • Publisher's keywords: reservoir, forest clearance, technology, mechanization, cutting of stands, arrangement, design
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    S.N. Orlovsky


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The issue of cleaning reservoir beds during the construction of cascades of hydroelectric power plants is relevant. In current practice, forest clearance is carried out in the form of clear-cutting 15–20 years before the flooding of the area. Herewith, the fact that even before flooding, the reservoir bed is secondly overgrown with fine-sized deciduous species with trunk diameter of up to 15 cm, average volume per tree of which is 3–5 times less than that of previous stands, is ignored. In view of this, it turned out that the use of existing harvesting and logging equipment is ineffective in this type of works. It is necessary to develop machines and technologies that ensure the fulfillment of the assigned task. The research purpose is to develop a technology for cleaning the reservoir bed (on the example of the Boguchany Hydro Power Plant (HPP) on the Angara river) from secondary overgrowing after clear-cutting; as well as the design and arrangement of equipment for the fellerbuncher LP-19V for trees cutting, and the technology of its application. The research agenda includes an analysis of wood cutting forces with regard to inertial forces; calculations of the productivity of the unit for cutting stands and their transportation to the place of loading; sizing of forest swathes, their number and skidding or haulage distances; study of use modes of equipment for cutting stumps, forest clearance and hauling. A design of the working body for the feller-buncher LP-19V is proposed, including a disk cutter and a packer, which allows to increase its productivity in cutting areas by 3–4 times with a whip volume of about 0.14 m3. A technology for loading and delivering timber to barges, and processing unmerchantable wood has been developed. The proposed technology for recleaning the reservoir bed of a hydro power plant allows to fully mechanize the technological process of forest clearance, reduce labour costs and improve the cleaning quality, reduce the negative effects associated with flooding of tree stands while filling HHP reservoirs.

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