Condition of winter triticale in pure and mixed sowing


The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the impact of a sowing method (pure, 2-species and 3-species sowing) on the health condition of an ear, leaves and a stem base of winter triticale, Borowik variety. A single-factor experience was conducted in three repetitions on a very good wheat complex soil. In mixed 2-species sowing spring triticale accounted for 50% and 3-species sowing 25% and 50% of the sowing norm had a share with the participation of rye and winter wheat. The results obtained demonstrated that a sowing method differentiated significantly the intensity of leaves and ear blight septoria (Septoria nodorum) and fusarium foot rot (Fusarium spp.) of winter triticale. As far as the compared sowing methods are con-cerned, winter triticale grown in a 3-species mixture with share of 25%, rye 50% and winter wheat 25% demonstrated a significantly lower index of leaves and ear blight infestation by Septoria nodorum and fusarium foot rot (Fusarium spp.). The highest intensity of such diseases was recorded in the winter triticale pure sowing. 

Authors and Affiliations

Elżbieta Boligłowa, Katarzyna Gleń-Karolczyk, Agnieszka Klimek-Kopyra, Tadeusz Zając


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Elżbieta Boligłowa, Katarzyna Gleń-Karolczyk, Agnieszka Klimek-Kopyra, Tadeusz Zając (2018). Condition of winter triticale in pure and mixed sowing. Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural Engineering (ISSN 1642-686X), 63(2), 29-32.