Issues in E-Learning during Covid-19 in Morocco: A Focus on EFL Master Students’ Voices

Journal Title: International Journal of Social Science And Human Research - Year 2021, Vol 4, Issue 01


E-learning has recently been given much attention in Higher Education (HE) in Morocco. This article has to do with students’ reflections on using technology in online classes for one semester during the emergency of Covid-19 pandemic. The research design for this study is qualitative in which unstructured interview was used to collect data from thirty-two Master Program students at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Dhar Mehraz at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Morocco as a convenient sampling. The thematic analysis was used to analyze the retrieved data via e-mails. The findings of this study indicate that online learning for master students in Morocco was not as effective as in face-to-face instructions. It was also found that master students encountered many challenges in online classes during the unexpected circumstances of the pandemic due to the unpreparedness of the educational system, which paves the way to some recommendations in the field of online teaching/learning classes.

Authors and Affiliations

Abdelmajid JAMIAI


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