The Application of Storytelling: A Solution to Overcome the Students’ Speaking Problem

Journal Title: Journal of English Teaching - Year 2018, Vol 4, Issue 1


The main objective of this research is to improve the tenth graders’ speaking skill through storytelling technique at SMK Bhakti. This research is a two-cycle-process of classroom action research. The subject of the research was the students of tenth graders at SMK Bhakti-2. There were 20 students (12 males and 8 females). The instruments were the test, observation, interview, and diary notes. The result indicated that there was significant improvement of students’ scores in the Pre-test to Post-test II. The mean of students’ Pre-test scores was 48.20, and 63.30 for Post-test I. On the contrary, it was 77.70 in Post-test II. It was supported by interview, diary notes, and observation showing that there was students’ interest in learning through the implementation of storytelling. It, therefore, is suggested for English teachers to make use of the technique to actively encourage and increase the students’s positive learning attitude towards speaking English.

Authors and Affiliations

Clara Resta Gihonita Sitorus


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