Quantitative Characteristics of Local Strain Fields in a Top-Liner Board Sample under Uniaxial Tension

Journal Title: Lesnoy Zhurnal (Russian Forestry Journal) - Year 2020, Vol 10, Issue 1


The paper presents the method for quantifying the distribution of local tensile (longitudinal), compressive (transverse) and shear strains in a sample of pulp and paper material. The results of its use for the sample of top-liner board when uniaxial tensile testing are provided. Applying this method, we have determined the values, the degree of heterogeneity and change patterns of local strains in inhomogeneous and anisotropic structure of the sample, depending on the total strain and the direction of fiber orientation. The method is based on constant-speed tensile testing of samples with a pre-applied dot matrix to their surface. The test is accompanied with photo fixing and recording a load-elongation curve. The coordinates and displacements of dots are determined by means of the specially designed software. The analysis of data and calculation of local deformations are performed by finite elements method (FEM) algorithms. The outcomes have shown that the local longitudinal deformations increased, transverse – decreased, and shear – had their maximum at 45° to machine direction (MD) when increasing the angle of preferential fiber orientation to MD in the board samples. The rise of the average absolute values of all components of local strains when increasing total deformation in the sample was confirmed. As it has been found, the heterogeneity of local strains, estimated through the standard deviation, rose when increasing their absolute value; the trends of changing depend on the fiber orientation direction in the sample structure.

Authors and Affiliations

A. N. Romanova, Ya. V. Kazakov, A. V. Malkov


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