Refining and Redefining Basic Education in the Perspective of Blended Learning: A Constructivist Outlook


Contemporary education aims atpreparing socially useful productive entity. In order to achieve this aim, emphasis should be laid upon hands on activity and productive work. In this investigation we are to explore a constructive teaching-learning strategyfor enhancing professional and vocational efficiency among the young generation learner. This strategy is a thoughtful integration of the classical and modern educational findings which entails a structured form of educational process to fulfil that aim in Indian socio-cultural landscape. Indian society needs vocational up gradation with healthy competition, cooperation and moral value of the pupils. So, it is not the question about method of the educational process but also mode of interaction to fulfil that aim through the proper guidance. This new teaching-learning strategy follows the principles of ‘learning by doing’ with necessary theoretical content knowledge amalgamated with digital media as well as traditional classroom interactions. More clearly this paper focuses on redefining of basic education concept of Gandhiin the light of Blended learning.

Authors and Affiliations

Arnab Kumar Dutta, Chandan Adhikary


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