Study of Modified Wood by Electron Microscopy

Journal Title: Lesnoy Zhurnal (Russian Forestry Journal) - Year 2020, Vol 10, Issue 1


Wood modification is a popular method for improvement of wood properties of low-value deciduous species. The method of pressing across the wood fibers preliminarily plasticized with urea was used in order to increase the strength properties. Impregnation with Biol mineral oil was used for the improvement of anti-friction properties. Metallic nickel is introduced into wood in the form of a continuous metal film lining the inner surface of wood cavities for thermal conductivity increasing. Studies carried out with the listed catalog samples using scanning and upright electron microscopes allowed to find, that: carbamide is located in the walls of cells and manifests itself in the cavities very sharply in the form of single crystals; pressing of wood plasticized with urea leads to flattening of anatomical elements without their destruction; Biol oiling with its low content spreads as a film on the cell walls and is not visualized; metallic nickel is present in wood in the form of film and individual elements on the cell walls. Weight and atomic microanalyses of the longitudinal section were performed for it.

Authors and Affiliations

V. A. Shamaev


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